Stratford-upon-Avon Spiritualist Church

Spiritualism is the belief in the existence of consciousness, before and after physical 'Death', and the ability of a consciousness in a physical body to contact and have understanding with a consciousness outside of the physical existence (in Spirit). However it is more than a belief, it is a certainty.

Many Spiritualists follow the example and teachings of Jesus the Christ. Others lean to different philosophies. But a true Spiritualist should be able to harmonize with any philosophy that teaches...

The Spiritualist Medium, links their consciousness with the Spirit being and passes on evidence, (proof is for the person receiving, to decide for themselves).

Guidance from Spirit is suggestions how people could live better more useful lives.

Spiritual Healing is channelled by a healer with the help from Spirit inspirers to correct disharmony in an individual. It is not a replacement for the normal medical/surgical, but will work along with orthodox treatments. All of us are Spirit, we are eternal, we will all survive physical death, but how we live this life will determine what conditions we pass into.